The Northwest Arkansas community is invited to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Downtown Spingdale. Through arts, music and ritual Dia de los Muertos honors our ancestors and celebrates today’s community.  The Day of the Dead Celebration is a true community event bringing together individuals, groups, businesses, students and teachers from the Latino and non-Latino communities.  Join the celebration and experience the rich visual, musical, dance, circus and culinary traditions of this holiday that is celebrated in Mexico and parts of Central and South America. 


Nov. 1-4 Throughout the festival, traditional community remembrance altars or "Ofendas" are built in the main gallery, covered in photographs, hand painted paper maché, sugar skulls, marigolds, trinkets, food for the dead and candles. A pop-up exhibition will be displayed in the upper gallery featuring local artists’ interpretations exploring the traditional Dia de los Muertos art style. 



This Celebración Dia de los Muertos a communal celebration of very personal perspectives on life and death.  Through hands-on community events including workshops, interactive arts, the Catrina Processional, ofrendas/alters, live performances and more, the NWA Day of the Dead Celebration provides opportunities for residents and visitors to work together to achieve common community goals.  The festival brings together participants of all skill levels, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.


Join us during the celebration for talks about the history of the holiday and see the traditions brought to life right here in Downtown Springdale! Want to start learning now? Click the button for a brief over view of Dia de los Muertos.