Arts Center of the Ozarks is a regional art institution hosting exhibitions throughout the year with educational programs for children and adults by professional artists and curators.

Throughout its spacious galleries in the lobby areas and on the elevated upper gallery, Arts Center of the Ozarks offers art lovers an eye-catching and thought-provoking array of works in every medium from budding student artists to professional local and regional artists.

Gallery Hours

Tuesday thru Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.

Saturday, 10 am – 3 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Free Admission

Upcoming Exhibitions

On the Brink, On the Brim, On the Cusp

Exhibition: February 17 – March 29, 2017
Reception: March 9, 2017 6pm to 8pm 

This exhibition explores the borders and boundaries pursued through various mediums by Northwest and Central Arkansas artists. The title of the show is taken from the poem, “Praise Song for the Day,” by writer Elizabeth Alexander, which was performed at the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama in 2009. The works included investigate how we manage our relationships with each other, our identities, technology, and our environment, while pushing the boundary lines within which we are comfortable. In doing this, the artists expose the categories and borders we place ourselves in, whether that is through the act of making, geographically, or psychologically, while offering a path to seek a place of understanding beyond the artificial lines we draw out of fear or complacency. The exhibition hopes to open opportunities for discussion and reflection on where we as viewers might be installing borders or boundaries on our own lives while also considering ways to break down those static lines and create room for new ways of understanding. 

Senior High Art Competition

Exhibition: April 3- 14, 2017
Open House: Saturday, April 8 1-3pm

Arts Center of the Ozarks’ annual student art competitions are back. With over 300 submissions from 4 counties, you won’t want to miss this display of growing talent. We are excited to once again offer local young artist the opportunity to showcase their skill and feel the pride of exhibiting their work.

Celebrate Art Competition

Exhibition: April 17- 28, 2017
Open House:  Saturday, April 22, 1-3pm

A continuation of our youth art competition, Celebrate Art showcases the work of local K-8th graders. Every year this exhibit fills the building with color and creativity. We are excited to once again offer local young artist the opportunity to showcase their skill and feel the pride of exhibiting their work. This is the perfect way to introduce children to the world of art exhibiting.

Annual Art Installation Exhibition featuring Ben Edwards

Exhibition: January 9 thru February 8
Reception: Thursday, January 26, 2017, 6pm to 8pm

Something owned, occupied, controlled, or just having an instance of such control is a possession. Domination by something or someone is a possession. Territories, properties, dependencies, psychokinetic energies, spirits, drugs, consumer goods can possess our individual minds and souls.

The exhibition consists of three principal artworks, The Day Lounge, Dispossession, and Understanding What You Want.  Each artwork is presented in its own gallery space, and is made entirely from materials and perceptions reclaimed from the artist’s purge of personal possessions.  Recognizing that control of an object, a person, a place, or thing cannot be permanent, to possess, by definition, describes a temporal relationship, even when the relationship between two things is total and irreversible. The artworks in this exhibition are composed in only this moment, a reflection of the temporal condition of all living things and their claims to possessions.