Arts Center of the Ozarks is a community theater, which means that all the actors who perform on our stage are people who live and work in the community who have a talent and interest in theater arts. Everyone from novice to the most seasoned actor is welcome to audition. From musicals to comedies, dramas, radio theater, and children’s productions, there’s a wide range of performance opportunities. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming audition.

Information about upcoming auditions will be updated on the schedule below on a regular basis. Those planning to audition for a play will be asked to read from a script. For musical auditions, come with a prepared song and be ready to take part in a dance audition. Some auditions require advance registration along with other directions as noted.

Westward the Women Auditions

March 28th and 29th from 7pm to 9pm

On the first weekend of June, Northwest Arkansas Audio Theater will present “Westward the Women” at ACO. It is a rugged, gritty, sad, and funny tale based on a story by Frank Capra, mastermind of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

“Westward the Women” brings together American men who have settled in California just after the Gold Rush with American women from back East who want to better their lives as wives, and are willing to brave danger and misery to do it.

Auditions will be held at the ACO at 7 P.M. on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29, 2017. Characters include about seven male and ten female named roles, plus crowds of men and women. The leading lady speaks English with a French accent, and in French when her temper flares. One of the men is Japanese. If needed, we will coach the right people.

As much as possible, we will be doing our own live sound effects and some simple singing – including our own original commercials. If you can play guitar, fiddle, banjo, or harmonica, bring it on! See you at auditions.

Team: Laurie Anderson and musicians

         Announcer One (male or female)

         Announcer Two (male or female)

         any other people needed for the commercials

Cast: Reader of Rose Meyer’s journal (female voice)

        ROY WHITMAN, California land baron

        BUCK WYATT, captain of the wagon train

        FIFI DANON, spirited chorus girl from France, French accent 

        LAURIE SMITH, her chorus girl buddy from Chicago

        ROSE MEYERS, school teacher from a small farming village

        PATIENCE HAWLEY, ship captain’s widow from New England

        MAGGIE,  a crack pistol shot

        JEAN, another crack shot

        ITO, (male) cook on the wagon train and sidekick to Buck (originally Japanese; ethnicity may change)

        SARAH, woman on the train, accosted by –

        RILEY, man on the train

        KATT, another man on the train

        SID CUTLER, in love with Rose

        SAM, “1st man” on the train

        JOE, “2nd man” in the Valley

        WILL, “3rd man” in the Valley

        crowds of men in the Valley and on the train; crowds of women on the train

Kiss Me, Kate

Auditions May 22nd & 23rd 6pm-9pm with callbacks May 24th 6pm-10pm

“Another Op’nin’, Another Show!” Kiss Me, Kate is set in Baltimore on a warm summer day in 1948. We follow the on and offstage drama between Fred Graham, the show's director, producer, and star, and Lilli Vanessi, his leading lady, and ex-wife, as they pull together a musical version of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” as romance, danger, and big egos battle for their time to shine in this classic show within a show.


July 14-16 & July 21-23.


Nightly rehearsals every Mon-Sat starting May 31 until opening on July 14. An official rehearsal schedule will be made after auditions. We will work around conflicts noted at auditions though individuals’ availability may affect casting.

Character Breakdown:

A full character breakdown will be available online April 3. People of all age, gender, racial and cultural identities, members of the LGBTQ community, and disabled individuals are encouraged to audition.

What to expect at auditions:

You will be asked to 1) SING one of the available music cuts from Kiss Me, Kate in a solo audition, 2) READ a scene from the available sides in a small group, 3) DANCE a beginner level combination that will be taught to you during the audition.

How to prepare:

1) Select one song to sing from the available song cuts. You will only be asked to sing the cut that you have prepared. If you would like to sing multiple songs, you may prepare more than one cut although we cannot guarantee that time will permit it. There will be an accompanist playing piano during your audition. Song cuts will be available online the first week of April.

2) Read over all of the scene sides and be ready to read any. Scene sides will be available online the first week of April.

3) Dance calls require no preparation or prior experience. You will be called into the dance audition in large groups and will be taught a beginner level combination. Roles are available for non-dancers as well as trained dancers. Do not let this part of the audition hang over your head; we just want to see you move!

What to bring:

Please bring a headshot with you to your audition. Your headshot doesn’t need to be anything special – a printed photo that clearly shows your face is all we need. You may bring a resume, though it is not required. Other useful items to bring might be a water bottle, a good book (just in case you have to wait to audition), your favorite joke, and a big smile!

What to wear:

Be yourself, be comfortable, and be ready to dance!

What else?

You should select either May 22 or May 23 to audition; no one should attend both days of auditions. Auditions are not appointment based and run on a first-come-first-serve basis. Arrive anytime between 6pm-9pm, and you will be released after you are finished. We may have callbacks on May 24 from 6pm-10pm, please make this night available in your schedule as well. A list of all actors called back will be posted at ACO and online by the end of the day May 23. The cast list will be posted no earlier than May 26.

Interested in crew/backstage positions?

Contact Rachel at today!